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Car parks

The table below shows the capacity levels of car parks.

Name Capacity % Full
Artington 453 Unknown
Ash Vale 29 Unknown
Ashley Centre- Contract Parking 130 Unknown
Ashley Centre Multi-Storey 665 Unknown
Ashley Road Car Park 67 Unknown
Baker Street Car Park 55 Unknown
Balmoral Drive 36 Unknown
Bancroft Road Car Park 315 Unknown
Beacon Hill 35 Unknown
Bedford Road Lower 488 Unknown
Bedford Road surface 68 Unknown
Bedford Road Upper 459 Unknown
Bell Street Car Park, 112 Unknown
Beomonds Car park 55 Unknown
Berguette Car Park 47 Unknown
Bourne Car Park 152 Unknown
Bourne Hall 104 Unknown
Bramley Car Parks 41 Unknown
Brewery Road 221 Unknown
Bridge Street Unknown Unknown
Bridge Street Leatherhead 33 Unknown
Bright Hill 121 Unknown
British Legion, Ewhurst Road 14 Unknown
Broadway 80 Unknown
Burrell Road 60 Unknown
Byfleet Hall 20 Unknown
Castle Car Park 350 Unknown
Cedar Road Car Park 24 Unknown
Central Car Park 163 Unknown
Central Car Park Farnham 277 Unknown
Chertsey Central Car Park (Sain 182 Unknown
Chertsey Meads Car Park (A) 43 Unknown
Chertsey Meads Car Park (B) 40 Unknown
Chessington Road 50 Unknown
Chestnut Avenue 134 Unknown
Chobham Place Woods 25 Unknown
Church Road Leatherhead 47 Unknown
Church Street 10 Unknown
Church Street Unknown Unknown
Church Street Dorking 31 Unknown
Church Street Leatherhead 53 Unknown
Churchfields Car Park 201 Unknown
Civic Centre Car Park 186 Unknown
Clarendon Road Car Park 191 Unknown
College Road/Bellerby 71 Unknown
Commercial Road 52 Unknown
Coopers Hill Car Park 54 Unknown
Council Offices Godalming 125 Unknown
Crockford Open Space Car Park 20 Unknown
Croft Road 60 Unknown
Crown Court 325 Unknown
Dene Street 24 Unknown
Depot Road 233 Unknown
Dogflud 215 Unknown
Dorset House 68 Unknown
Drewitts Court Ground Floor Car 32 Unknown
Drewitts Court Roof Car Park 119 Unknown
Ebbisham Centre 119 Unknown
Egham Library Car Park 24 Unknown
Ellice Road Car Park 180 Unknown
Elmsleigh Multi (Short Stay) 511 Unknown
Elmsleigh Road Unknown Unknown
Elmsleigh Surface (Short Stay) 326 Unknown
Englefield Road 90 Unknown
Epsom High Street 85 Unknown
Farnham Road 917 Unknown
Garfield Road Car Park 82 Unknown
Gloucester Road Car Park 285 Unknown
Godstone Road Car Park 23 Unknown
Gogmore Park Car Park 53 Unknown
Grove Road 47 Unknown
Guildford Park 400 Unknown
Guildford Road 15 Unknown
Guildford Road Bisley 16 Unknown
Gun Pit Road Car Park 70 Unknown
Hare Lane Car Park 41 Unknown
Heather Place Car Park 29 Unknown
Heather Way 18 Unknown
Heathside Crescent 496 Unknown
Hersham Road Car Park 77 Unknown
High Road 35 Unknown
High Street Bagshot 95 Unknown
High Street Car Park 91 Unknown
High Street Chobham 96 Unknown
High Street Dorking 101 Unknown
High Street Ewell 45 Unknown
High Street Haslemere 169 Unknown
Highwayman's Cottage Car Park 68 Unknown
Hollyhedge Road Car Park 190 Unknown
Hook Road Multi-Storey 628 Unknown
Hope Lodge 65 Unknown
Hummer Road Car Park 152 Unknown
Johnsdale Car Park Unknown Unknown
Junction Road 34 Unknown
Kiln Bridge 14 Unknown
Kingston Road (Long Stay) 168 Unknown
Knoll Road 630 Unknown
Lawn Road 107 Unknown
Leapale Road 384 Unknown
Library 10 Unknown
Library Car Park 178 Unknown
Library Car Park 22 Unknown
Limpsfield Road Car Park Unknown Unknown
Linkfield Corner Car Park 56 Unknown
Lower Hart 242 Unknown
Lower Road 64 Unknown
Lower Shott 54 Unknown
Main Square 1025 Unknown
Manor Road Car Park 32 Unknown
Manor Way 40 Unknown
Marketfield Road Car Park 97 Unknown
Martindale Avenue 38 Unknown
Mary Road 107 Unknown
Meadrow 51 Unknown
Memorial Gardens Car Park 50 Unknown
Mill Lane 32 Unknown
Millbrook 244 Unknown
Millmead House 27 Unknown
Mint Street 27 Unknown
Monument Hill Car Park 16 Unknown
Murray Road Car Park 47 Unknown
New Berry Lane Car Park 32 Unknown
New Haw Lock Car Park 26 Unknown
North Street 49 Unknown
North Street Dorking 16 Unknown
North Street Godalming 36 Unknown
Oatlands Drive Car Park 60 Unknown
Old Police Station 62 Unknown
Pooley Green Car Park 35 Unknown
Portsmouth Road 98 Unknown
Precinct Car Park 85 Unknown
Prior Road 22 Unknown
Queen Street 30 Unknown
Rainbow Leisure Centre 72 Unknown
Randalls Road 208 Unknown
Redding Way 45 Unknown
Reigate Road 245 Unknown
Riverside 1 59 Unknown
Riverside 2 100 Unknown
Riverside Surface 76 Unknown
Riverside Underground Unknown Unknown
Robin Hood 23 Unknown
Royston Avenue 35 Unknown
Runnymede Pleasure Grounds Car 11 Unknown
Sandown Racecourse Car Park Unknown Unknown
Shalford Park 66 Unknown
Shoppers Car Park 2277 Unknown
Sir William Atkins House 186 Unknown
South Side 176 Unknown
South Street Unknown Unknown
South Street Dorking 31 Unknown
South Street Farnham 224 Unknown
South Street Godalming 62 Unknown
Southbank Car Park 51 Unknown
Southbank Car Park 31 Unknown
Spectrum 750 Unknown
St James 83 Unknown
St Johns Lye 40 Unknown
St Josephs 71 Unknown
St Jude's Road Car Park 41 Unknown
St Martin's Walk 387 Unknown
Station Approach Car Park 80 Unknown
Station Avenue Car Park 253 Unknown
Station Lane 39 Unknown
Station Road Car Park 38 Unknown
Station Road Leatherhead 80 Unknown
Stocklund Square 231 Unknown
Stoneleigh Parade 31 Unknown
Supermarket Frimley 59 Unknown
Surrey Heath House 144 Unknown
Swan Centre 339 Unknown
Tanners Lane 50 Unknown
Thamesmead Car Park 22 Unknown
The High Street Car Park 86 Unknown
The Horseshoe Car Park 104 Unknown
The Mound Car Park 49 Unknown
The Parade 69 Unknown
Thorpe Green Car Park 20 Unknown
Torrington Lodge Car Park 107 Unknown
Tothill Multi Storey (Long Stay) 457 Unknown
Town End Car Park 67 Unknown
Town Hall 77 Unknown
Truss's Island Car Park 23 Unknown
Tunsgate 64 Unknown
Two Rivers North 300 Unknown
Two Rivers South 370 Unknown
Two Rivers West 290 Unknown
Upper Fairfield Road 31 Unknown
Upper Hart 354 Unknown
Upper High Street 192 Unknown
Upper High Street 49 Unknown
Upper West Street Car Park 108 Unknown
Victoria Road Car Park 200 Unknown
Victoria Street Car Park 34 Unknown
Victoria Way Car Park 932 Unknown
Village Hall Grayswood 25 Unknown
Village Way 324 Unknown
Waggon Yard 247 Unknown
Waggon Yard Unknown Unknown
Waggon Yard Unknown Unknown
Walnut Tree Close 17 Unknown
Walton Park Car Park 140 Unknown
Walton Road Car Park 153 Unknown
Waspe Farm Car Park 124 Unknown
Watchetts Road 36 Unknown
West Hill 10 Unknown
West Street 36 Unknown
Weybridge Heath North Car Park 131 Unknown
Weybridge Heath South Car Park 138 Unknown
Weydown Road 169 Unknown
Weyhill 200 Unknown
Wharf Road 23 Unknown
Whyteleafe Recreation Ground Car 36 Unknown
Wilton Road 83 Unknown
Woking Park 405 Unknown
Woldingham Road Car Park Unknown Unknown
Woodend Road 40 Unknown
Woodfield Lane (Ashtead Peace Me 144 Unknown
York Road 605 Unknown
York Road Car Park 41 Unknown
York Town 137 Unknown
  • Updated: 19 Jun 2021